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Finally started playing around with CSS on and so far I like the changes. Hope to learn more to make it a bit more customized.

Started watching 9-1-1 and am really liking, very good casting thus far.

I’m amazed the volume box on iOS is still around, it’s so obstructive. I think it is time to think about a new UI, I would suggest something like Apollo’s implementation where it is in the upper left outdent on the X series phones.

I love TheBrain, but bookmarklets are not the way to add complex information. I’m tired of companies and developers leaving Safari behind and resorting to bookmarklets as the answer when the other browsers get extensions. Safari deserves attention too.

Tomorrow is both Halloween and the Red Sox World Series Champions Parade. The parade will be going right by my office building, should be an interesting day.

Installing iOS 12.1 on my iPad and iPhone took about 10 minutes for download, install, and restart. Install for macOS 10.14.1 took about 3 minutes to download 3.05GB of 3.33GB, the last .11GB has taken 15 minutes and still says About 30 minutes remaining for .17GB, fantastic.

I was really hoping to not have to buy the new iPad Pro, but unfortunately now I’m ending up with an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and a Smart Keyboard. Face ID just makes so much sense on the iPad where with an external keyboard you might need to be touching the iPad all the time.

Since switching to Fastmail earlier this year I’ve found less reasons to use a client on the Mac. Their advanced search and ability to save searches is much more powerful than macOS Mail and I’ve found no reason to use another local client.

In advance of my ScanSnap ix1500 arriving tomorrow, DEVONtechnologies released DEVONthink 2.10.2, which restores integration after the switch to ScanSnap Home application. Should be a productive rainy weekend.

Getting the new Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1500 Thursday, plus set up the Synology VPN Plus server = productive day.

VPN has worked at the same speeds as which is what kept me from switching. Now that I know it’s the same, time to cancel my subscription to

I think my favorite part of Adobe is when they change their licensing model without accounting for Education settings, such as classrooms, labs, and VDI environments, should be a fun day.

Drinking coffee and watching @macsparky’s excellent OmniFocus Field Guide, Third Edition. Perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday morning.

Every so often I think about cancelling my subscription, but then I end up at the dealership for a service appointment that lasts 2-3 hours and in that time it makes the cost worth it. The ability to auto-enable the VPN based on an unknown network is its best feature.

Today is already headed in a bad direction. Which has led to 2 Large Nitro Cold Brews at Ziggy’s Coffee Bar and so far 2 cups of Café Bustelo. Outlook for the day is not great, but at least I have good coffee.

I’ve had the XS Max for a day now and found that the control center swipe target is a lot bigger than expected. All the reviews and comments online were saying it would be a hassle to use one handed, but with the enlarged target area, it really isn’t an issue.

I think this is the last time I am going to do a clean install of iOS. Previously I enjoyed sitting down and starting anew, but this time I found changing all the settings across ~50 apps was more annoying than anything, plus I really don’t have the time anymore.

The rumors regarding 3D touch going away in the next iPhone (based on the XR) are worrying me; I regularly use 3D touch to move the cursor. Though I rarely use 3D Touch for anything else, to control the cursor position is entirely worth keeping the feature IMHO.

So far this morning I’ve purchased OmniFocus 3 Upgrade, David Sparks OmniFocus 3 Field Guide, and started watching the Field Guide. Hopefully, this will keep me distracted enough to stop checking for my iPhone XS Max delivery every 2 minutes.

I lasted until today before purchasing the iPhone Xs Max. When a coworkers arrived I realized I’m on the upgrade yearly plan for a reason. So hopefully by Monday it will be in my hands.

I find myself continuously using the Share Sheet for filling 1Password logins instead of using the new Autofill feature. It’s going to take a while to remember to actually use it.

Recently started using TheBrain for notes, it is incredibly powerful. Search is far better than most applications I’ve used, and the iOS app leaves something to be desired, but overall it’s a fantastic application, which does take some time to get used to.

Glassy morning on the bay.

Revelation of a Liverpool Soccer Fan

The only religious commitment I have is to the Liverpool Football Club.


Inside Twitter’s Struggle Over What Gets Banned - The New York Times

Inside Twitter’s Struggle Over What Gets Banned - The New York Times:

But Mr. Dorsey also said that while Twitter’s longtime guiding principle has been free expression, the company is now discussing “that safety should come first.”
I guess better late than never.

Took the plunge yesterday and deleted all my tweets, but ended up not deactivating it. I still find it’s the best way to reach out to some companies for support without having to resort to calling them.